Windscreen Repair Chelmsford

At Windscreen Wizards Essex, we provide windscreen repair services across the Chelmsford area. Our specialists use a combination of both own-brand, British made, vacuum injectors with the finest quality own brand resin. We've also been known to repair damaged areas of glass which other companies can't, won't or don't have the facilities to repair.

Windscreen Chip Repairs across Chelmsford

Our windscreen technicians are fully trained and have the skills required to carry out repairs to restore your windows strength and clarity. Our mobile windscreen repair team can also come out to your vehicle across the Chelmsford area and fix your windscreen.

Quick and immediate chipped windscreen repairs

At Windscreen Wizards Essex, our team are quick and efficient and usually carry out repairs to windscreens in as little as 30 minutes. Meaning that your vehicle is roadworthy again, with no lengthy drying times. What's more is, when you choose our team to undergo your repairs, all of our services have a lifetime guarantee with the vehicle that has been repaired.

Why choose our windscreen repairers?

Fixing a windscreen is not just a cost effective alternative to a replacement, it's also standard, as 3 layer laminated windscreens aren't recyclable making this a environmentally friendly option when it comes to your windscreen.

For windscreen repair services in Chelmsford, call our team today!

Windscreen Wizards Essex can save you money by repairing your damaged windscreen, for more information, simply call our team today and we can provide you with a FREE quote.