Quality Windscreen Repair Costs in Essex

Windscreen Wizard technicians use our own brand, British made, vacuum injectors which have been specially designed to ensure that the repair resin penetrates all areas of the glass damage. Furthermore, here at Windscreen Wizards, we only use our own brand resin which is of the very best quality and exceeds the British standard (BS AU251)

This is what sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to repair larger areas of glass damage that other companies admit they cannot.

If you have been told a chip or crack is too big to repair or that it is in the 'A Zone’ where repairs cannot be carried out, call Windscreen Wizards and we will help.
Our repair service restores the strength and clarity of your screen and exceeds most of our competitors’ standards. In addition, our guarantee is valid for the time that you own the vehicle.

A repair usually takes only 30 minutes and can be carried out whatever the weather, after which the vehicle may be used immediately.

Standard 3 layer laminated windscreens are not recycled at present so old screens go to landfill. Therefore repairing a windscreen is not only a cost-effective alternative to replacement it is also the environmentally friendly option for tackling a cracked or chipped windscreen.

For windscreen replacements & repairs in Essex, call us today!

So to find out whether Windscreen Wizards can save you money on your cracked or chipped windscreen, call us now on 01277 366584

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