Causes of Cracks and Chips in your Windscreen

What Causes Windscreen Chips & Cracks in Essex

As experienced windscreen repair technicians, we believe there are a number of different things that can cause windscreen chips and cracks. From weather to impact damage, a small chip or crack can soon develop into much more serious windscreen damage without the correct repair.

Cause for Cracks and Chips in Windscreens

Weather Variations
Hot and cold weather can expand and contract the windscreen continuously. This can cause small cracks to appear on the length of the glass. Adding moisture to weather variations can make these small cracks large at a faster rate.

Top Tip: We know its the quickest method to defrosting your screen this winter, but pouring hot water on an iced screen is a huge expense away from replacing your whole windscreen. A small defect on your windscreen can become a huge crack in minutes.

The sun is a hugely common way a windscreen can crack. It isn't often that here in Essex or anywhere in the UK we are prone to extreme temperatures but when we do it can cause fractures and distortion of the windscreen glass.

Top Tip:
Make sure when possible, you park in the shade or face the windscreen away form intense sunlight.

Stones and Debris
We have all been a passenger or driver of a vehicle when you hear that dreaded thud of road debris hitting the windscreen. Ignoring the distraction and parking in a safe place to check if the thud has left lasting damage. With so many roads under construction and large good vehicles which pick up the dirt and loose debris it would be impossible if as a driver you had never been a victim of this.

Top Tip:
Reducing your speed, especially when a car is overtaking and just generally keeping safe distance from the vehicle in front is paramount.

Mother Nature
Thunderstorms, wind gales and storms as well as ice can cause chips and cracks in your windscreen, but it is not just the bad weather, sunlight can cause glass to expand and contract.

Top Tip:
Always park your car in the shade and use a garage, covered area or car covers when possible to protect your vehicle.

Structural Weakness:
Your windscreen is a vital part of your safety whilst a driver or a passenger of any vehicle. A windscreen can support a roof in an accident so any weak points will lesson the windscreen to pressure.

Direct Impact:
Direct impact is another likely cause of cracks and one that can be unavoidable. This is often can't be predicted by the driver and is most difficult to avoid. Accidents can happen at any time, and depending on how severe the crash is, your windscreen may get shattered or cracked as a result. Another direct impact can be from animals on the road. A flying bird or other wildlife hitting the car can be responsible for cracking your vehicle’s glass.

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